That chapter was short and… not sweet, what’s the right word? Stale? It’s a recap chapter, and not an interesting one, like some anime episodes I can think of.

Most of the cities mentioned in the long, long list of Joshua’s victories aren’t mentioned in previous chapters, so I guess we got the Reader’s Digest version.

Meanwhile, Joshua’s list of victories is quite a bit longer than Moses’. Is this to pump up Joshua’s image, since his miracles have generally been less miraculous than Moses’ were? (river versus arm of the ocean) Or is it to establish that Joshua’s primary strength was military versus Moses’ in prophecy?

I’m not sure. But that ends the conquest portion of Joshua. From now on, it’s outlining which tribes live where – even the ones that, at the time this book was written, were long lost.

The Japanese: kyo wo kamaeru “to set up residence” (v 2), susono “foot, range” (v 3), keishachi “sloping land” (v 8).